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NewsAB Project Update

AB Project Update

Feb. 14, 2019.  News and information long overdue.  

The new and improved Allan Byer Project has actually been functioning since early 2016.  Current band members Rosemarie Witnauer,on banjo & vocals,  and Jimmy Joe McCue, lead electric guitar & vocals,  started playing with Allan in 2014  as "sitting in" guests at several shows.  They became regulars in 2015.  Former band member Jamie Morris returned to play bass in early 2016 about the same time that Steve Moroukian made his professional debut playing percussion with the group.  The above group has been with Allan the past three years. Along the way Michael Witnauer started doing sound for the band.  Former member and multi-instrumentalist Hal Worcester still joins the group occasionally.  In addition, any number of Allan's musical friends, from his 25 year history playing professionally in Central Oregon, may join the group for a song or two.  

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